Selasa, 23 November 2010

Free Download ePSXe 1.7.0 download full

Free download enhanced PSX emulator 1.7.0 full pugins ;

>>DOWNLOAD via tusfiles
>>DOWNLOAD via ziddu

Download ePSXe 1.8 (you can use plugins from ePSXe 1.7.0 (earlier version))
want to play PS2 on computer?
Download PS2 emulator

How to configure it??

1. first time you run it, it will bring you to wizard guide for configuration (if not, select confg > wizard guide)

2. click config

3. you will be asked to configuring the bios > choose scph1001-USA > next

4. you will be asked to configuring the video > choose P.E.Op.S. soft driver 1.16 > click config > select nice(need fast CPU)/fast(if your CPU is slow) for auto configure > ok > next

5. for this just click next > next > next 'till you reach finish

How to play a game??

of course you must have the game file (.iso, .img, .bin,.ccd). you can also download PSX game in this blog, i have some. try this harvest moon: back to nature

if you have the game, to play it select Run > Iso > choose your game that have .iso , .bin, .ccd or .img.

you are done.

How to Download via tusfiles

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Free Harvest Moon : back to nature iso download

you can download it here:

- harvestmoon.rar (32MB) via

- ePSXe Emulator to open the game install 7zip first, then extract harvestmoon.7z and ePSXe.7z

- open ePSXe, then configure the emulator as you wish (recommended using P.E.o.p 1.6),, then select run > iso > open harvest moon.ccd

*BONUS: Harvest Moon super CHEATS using CHEAT ENGINE. here

Happy Gaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to Download via tusfiles

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Final Fantasy 1 gold Cheat

Do you need guidance on how to cheat Final Fantasy 1 using cheat engine?? then here is the right place.
First i will show you how to cheat the gold in this post, so you can buy as many things as you want.

what you need:
- Of course Final Fantasy origins file on your PC
- PSX emulator ( download here )
- and Cheat Engine ( download here )

here is the video tutorial ( full screen recommended ) :

can't understand it yet??
ok, i will explain with words.

-first open the game using your emulator. and then open cheat engine, then click process and choose ePSXe (or your emulator name).

-go to any shop.

-"First scan" your current gold using 4-byte scan (ex. 400, then click First scan).

-then buy something.

-"next scan" your gold after buying that item (ex. 270, then click Next scan).

-An address will shown on the left side on the Cheat engine if you do these step above correctly,, double click that address to copy it to the clipboard locate on the bottom of the cheat engine.

-click the address that have been copied to the clipboard, right-click > change record > value,, change it to 900000 (or as much as you wish)

-mark frozen if you want that amount unchangeable, so your gold will never decreased whenever you buy items.

Happy Cheating!!!!
want more cheat?? come back again soon,, i will add Next post ASAP: -FF 1 mana(MP) cheat, HP cheat, item cheat, class cheat, and much more. . .

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