Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Wild Arms PSX iso free download

Wild Arms Free download, RPG game with good story.
you play with three character, The dream chaser, the treasure hunter and the princess.
first time playing this game you will play the history each of them and then they finally meet and start the real adventure.

I split it in ten parts, just download them all, then extract one of them.
part 1 (23.84 MB)
part 2 (23.84 MB)
part 3 (23.84 MB)
part 4 (23.84 MB)
part 5 (23.84 MB)
part 6 (23.84 MB)
part 7 (23.84 MB)
part 8 (23.84 MB)
part 9 (23.84 MB)
part 10 (14.69 MB)

Emulator download and setting: See here

How to Download via tusfiles

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